Women at Ground Zero: Introduction Summary

The authors posit that media presented very few role models for girls or women who might consider careers in public safety. (xii) They argue that woman have battled long and hard, making inroads into these occupations and that this was an opportunity to show the bravery and heroism of female rescuers and perhaps inspire women to reach for a place in this previously unattainable profession. (xii) Yet they make the case that women have had no face at Ground Zero.

They go on to show that the stories resented from that day by the media implied a connection between gender and occupation. Hagen and Caribou took exception to this and set out on a course of action to prove that not only were women at Ground Zero but that they provided invaluable services, risked their lives, helped saved the lives of countless thousands The authors provide a great deal of background about the struggles women have had over the last several decades in earning a place to work beside men in the Emergency Services field.

The introduction goes on to provide a timeline of when Houston 2 these women were first allowed to be given an opportunity to compete for these jobs, to the first women who were able to pass the tests and earn a place amongst men in this field. The facts and figures that are presented illustrate how few women were able to gain entry into this predominately male profession back in the sass’s, when they were first accepted. It goes on to detail the evolution of women in the Emergency Services and what those numbers are today. Not Just in New York

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City where this terrorist attack occurred, but all over the United States as well. Hagen and Caribou engage in an exhaustive investigation into the lives and actions of the women rescue workers at Ground Zero. They go on describe how they tracked down the women who were there on the front lines that day. After a series of interviews the authors compiled a great number of first hand accounts from each professional woman’s perspective of how they dealt with and responded to the enormous challenges for Emergency Services personnel at the scene.

They discuss mom of the extraordinary circumstances many of these women had to endure and the horrors each had to face. The authors make clear that the research they did and the stories they uncovered more than Justify putting a female face among the heroes of 9/1 1 . They way into the annals of American history and inspire the nation’s young women to realize their full potential and not put limitations on what they can achieve. (xvi) Works Cited Hagen, Susan, and Mary Caribou. Introduction. Women at Ground Zero: Stories of Courage and Compassion. Storybook Press. 2008. Print.