Wonder BY C Tim-Wong Apart Summary of Wonder “My name is August, by the way. I won’t describe what I look like. Whatever you’re thinking, it’s probably worse. ” Wonder is a story about a 5th grade boy named August (Aggie) Pullman who has facial deformity caused by an extremely rare genetic disorder. He has undergone countless operations, and those made him an outsider with other kids. August has always known that he’s different, but he’s learned to accept that people will always stare at his face, and there’s nothing he could do about it. August has always been loved, protected and taught by his family.

He was home-schooled through the fourth grade. His parents feel he needs to go to ‘real school’, August agrees to attend Beechen Prep where he was accepted. However, during his year in the fifth grade of Beechen Prep, life is going to be very different. Wonder, follows Augustus first school experience, is the story of August facing his fears, being stared at and excluded, and his growing up and letting go. It shows family relationship, friendship, bullying, betrayal, and how to overcome challenges, and it follows Aggie throughout fifth grade depicting his worries and the rudder along the way.

Wonder, is switched between various viewpoints, separate from 8 parts and is narrated by 6 different people, including August, Augustus sister Via, Augustus friends Summer and Jack, Visa’s boyfriend Justine, and Visa’s old friend Miranda to explain the characters reactions. August is surrounded by people who do love him – his family, his friends. The book shows how August to deal with people’s staring at and be kind to others. Part 2 Favorite character (and WHY?? ) My favorite character is Olivia who is Augustus sister and a very nice girl. She does everything by herself.

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She becomes a very independent girl during her childhood. She has gotten used to not complaining, and she has gotten used to not bothering Mom and Dad with little stuff, so she learns how to put toys together and never need to remind to finish a project or study for test. She is always kind and helpful to August. Via is recognized and known by her brother, August, whose face is deformed. Via accepts her brother, but she would like not to be identified all the time that she has a brother who is deformed. Via wants to be known as Olivia, not as Augustus sister Via.

She is willing to take care of August, but she Just doesn’t want to always be life revolving around Aggie. Part 3 Discussion of ONE major August suffered relentless bullying in the school, but the surroundings changes with his kindness. Bullying not only is physical but also psychological. We get the wider picture of how other people are coping with August through the book, not only kids but also adults. Many people laugh at him behind his back; in fact, there’s a game called the Plague going around where people “catch” a “disease” if they touch Aggie.

This is exact a verbal bullying. Julian is a real mean boy who always gives a hard way to August. Julian, who leads the bullying attacks, is never friend with August. Thus, August never belongs to his group. The popular boys are against Aggie and Jack. A lot of mean words are in Sausage’s and Jacks lockers. Aggie and Jack are bullied by a group of boys who are higher graders from different school at a sleep-away camp. A group of boys who were formerly against Aggie and boys without Julian. Sausage’s story becomes inspire morale. Evaluation of Book PART 4

Wonder emphasize on kindness and courage. The book shows very clearly how bullying and insensitive behavior in people’s lives, and to be strong, friendly and good humor are always the better choices. We sometimes have a hard time in our lives, but we should not Just complain society or the destiny. We should learn Augustus briefвЂ?being kind. Wonder is a warm and uplifting story that shows the family love and friendship. The book is easy for reading because of being redacted by short chapters. The words are easy to understand, so Wonder is accessible to readers of all levels.

A lot of kids and a lot of parents are cruel to people who see ‘different’, Summer, who is one of the books characters, is learned. She emphasizes on making friends by person’s heart but not by appearance. After reading the book, everyone is made want to be a little bit kinder and engender ponder. Highly recommended!! Part 5 Own Precept “Learning to make a choice and learning to give up. ” We often encounter when wanting to make a choice, so how to make the better choice for ourselves is very important. More of time we know how to give up is a good choice in our lives.