What is the American Woodcock Scientific Name
Scolopax Minor
What is the American Woodcock Order?
What is the American Woodcock Family?
What is the American Woodcock Range?
Eastern North America from southern Canada to Gulf States
Breeds in the North, Winter in South
How can you tell male American Woodcock apart from females?
Bill- <66=male >69=female
Weight- 5 1/2 oz.=male 7 oz=female
When is migration?
Migration begins late January-early February
Arrive late February-early March
How big does nesting habitat need to be?
Greatly varied, between 1/4 to 100+ acres
When do woodcock do courtship displays?
30-60 minutes at dusk and dawn
Flights last about 1 minute, at 350 feet above the ground
Where are nests?
Within 100 yards of an occupied singing grounds, seedling/sapling stage forest, nest on the ground
How many eggs are laid, and how long does incubation take?
4 eggs, incubation between 19-22 days
What is the growth of chicks like?
Chicks are precocial, fed by hen first 3 to 4 days, can fly by 2 weeks, fully grown at 4 weeks, primarily insect diets until full grown
Where do woodcock roost?
Roost in open fields near daytime cover
Roosting grounds= singing grounds
3 acre field required
What do woodcock eat?
90% Earthworms, moist soil preferred
What kind of cutting should be used?
Rotational Clearcutting or shelterwood clearing
Rotations of 80-100 yards required
What are two harvest surveys?
Harvest information program
Woodcock Wing Collection Survey
What is a population survey?
North American Woodcock Singing Ground Survey