World Issues: Geographical Importance

arable land:
land fit for growing crops
developing countries:
less industrialized countries whose economics have created higher levels of consumerism, wealth and developed infrastructure
developed countries:
industrialized countries whose economy have higher levels of consumerism, wealth and development of infrastructure
cash crops:
crops grown NOT for local consumption, but for monetary gain
the process of greater global interaction among peoples, such as the economic force of making the world one big market place
rule of 70:
estimates the number of years a country will take to double its population (70/growth rate)
optimum population:
a level of population that could thrive without harming the earths resources, while sustaining a standard of living that would be satisfactory
carrying capacity:
the maximum number of people a habitat can support
total fertility rate (TFR):
refers to the average number of children each woman will have in their life time
trickle down economics:
the theory that the benefits for wealthy corporations and individuals are passed down through thigh levels of wages and benefits
green revolution:
sciences’ contribution to increasing food yields through biotechnology applications
GDP (gross domestic product):
the value of all goods and services produced and consumed domestically
the earths’ ability to support our needs and those of every other species on earth on a continual basis
fertility lag:
when medical advances and improved living environments produce a decline in death rates in some areas but there is no immediate corresponding fall in births
hydroflurocarbons (HFCs), perflurocarbons (PFCs), and sulphur hexafluoride (SF6):
these gases do not occur naturally – they are generated by a variety of industrial processes. SF6 and PFCs are the most heat-absorbent of all greenhouse gases
The largest polluter for most Canadians is:
their car
a choice
programmed decision:
something you do automatically
informed decision:
a decision made after considering and analyzing information; you must pass judgement on
leader of a hamlet:
volunteer committee member
leader of a village:
reeve (elected)
leader of a town:
mayor (elected)
leader of a city:
mayor (elected)
leader of a province:
governor/premier (elected)
leader of a country:
president/prime minister/dictator (elected/seized power)
leader of the world:
secretary general of UN (elected from appointed people)
leader of the world trade organization:
president of the World Bank (appointed)
where will they hide RFID chips in products?
they will be printed into the actual fabric of the product