World Trade Organization

“Trade is the ally of working people, not their enemy,” WTO Director-General Mike Moore told trade union representatives. “As living standards improve, so too does education, health, the environment and labor standards. ” That is false; the main goal of the WTO, since established in 1995 is to promote international trade. They don’t care about the trade off of a safe environment. Their main concern is flourishing economies despite environmental conditions worsening. “Such actions worry environmentalists who argue the WTO favors the growth of trade over public safety.

” People not profits need to be WTO’s top priority. We are striving to get across the importance of environmental safety over free trade. Us environmentalists want them to listen and take action to insure the safety of people and the environment. Environmentalist met in Seattle to peacefully convey our safety concerns. We want the WTO to understand that we are not against the international organization, we only want to be assured that the environment will not be compromised for free trade.

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Daniel Seligman of the Sierra Club said it’s not trade and the globalized economy that upsets environmentalists, but “the way that World Trade Organization rules work to promote trade. ” Their main concern should be to enforce and control safety of people and the environment in the following areas: clean water, clean air, flourishing forests, naturally grown (organic) vegetable, healthy animals without injections, and no sweat shops. The WTO needs to allow countries to ban countries export because of unsafe environment practices.

“The WTO aims to eliminate what they are calling non-tariff trade barriers,” Seligman told CNN. “And a lot of those trade barriers are actually hard-won environmental and food safety protections. ” According to ABC news online, “Countries have already proposed another 150 items they want negotiated, including: tariffs, anti-dumping…fisheries, [and] development. ” It seems from what the WTO is telling the news is that they are concerned with the environment.

Yet more than 100 of the 135 members of the WTO are developing countries that “dislike the idea of linking trade with such issues as worker rights and the environment. To them, those issues are a form of protectionism by the developed world. ” If 100 out of 135 members are developing countries that are against protecting the environment and human rights, so we have to stand up against the WTO. They tell the news one thing but in reality or only truly concerned with their economy regardless of environment hazards that they inflect on our earth.

Another example of news backing up the WTO, was Dan Rather report “that the WTO had ruled on many environmental issues, but declined to make the simple point that the WTO has ruled against environmental restrictions in every case that has come before it … Rather’s reference to the WTO’s ruling on ‘fishing restrictions aimed at saving endangered species’ might have mislead viewers into thinking that the WTO was intervening on behalf of threatened animals. So I say, “Down with the WTO, they’re killing our future.

” They won’t listen and take action to guarantee safe earth but greedily focus completely on their economies. People suffer from their lack of concern and reckless depletion of natural resources. They must be prevented from damaging our earth any more. As an American I say we must get out of the WTO, those countries aren’t concerned with the environment and are in it for greed. The U. S. must not remain in the WTO. We need to renounce the WTO for their lack of concern. The U. S. must stand up for the environment and the people it affects. By staying in the WTO we are supporting these greedly countries.