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Human Relations, (HER), departments can and should be much more productive than they have traditionally been. No longer do we have a typing pool next to the water cooler, and a part-time secretary down the hall to keep track of employee information and their stamp-clock time cards. HER departments are taking on duties that have previously belonged to supervisors, and play a vital part of any company that hopes to succeed in the future. Employee training, retention and compensation are all within the HER area of responsibility.

Key Questions The key questions the author is addressing are: What role will the HARM be forced to play in the future? Additionally, what kind of new skills will the HARM e required to master in order to maintain their competitiveness and productivity? The HARM will take on a new role in the company, instead of just being the personnel section over in the corner; the HER section will become mentors, trainers and guides, ensuring employee training and development while retaining the best and brightest of the bunch.

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The HER department will also be the focal point for employees when they have complaints, questions, concerns and need advice on how to handle delicate situations. It almost seems as though companies will be required to have their win impartial legal office to be used by employer and employee alike. Keeping the company out of hot water with legal issues, while attracting and keeping employees satisfied are major concerns for the HARM of the future. Most Important Information The most valuable information in this article refers to two very HER noteworthy areas: talent acquisition and employee retention.

The process of acquiring proper talent to work and perform in your organization is crucial for success. Approximately 33% of all business failures can be linked to employees filling positions that are inappropriate for them. Whether its the employee that is wrong for the job, or the job being wrong for the employee remains irrelevant, its up to the HARM to match them up appropriately. On the other hand, employee retention can bring a company to its knees as well.

It IS estimated that 40% of all employees know they will be looking for a new position within the first 6-months, and a staggering 69% are already sort, of looking for a new place to call home. Additionally, replacement off person in a position of management can have associated costs running in the 6- figure range, (International). Not too many companies can the bank accounts that can handle that kind of turnover on a regular basis. Many issues affect employee contentment and retention: salary, job satisfaction, co-workers and work climate to name few.

It’s widely known that the majority of people who choose to leave their position of employment leave for job or climate related issues, money is not always the driving factor, (Unknown). Main Points of View The main topics in this article include: Work Force Diversity, Talent Acquisition, Employee Retention and the Changing Role of the Human Relations Manager. Talent acquisition and employee retention have already been mentioned above, and the changing role of the HARM will be addressed below, leaving work force diversity open for discussion below.

As our global economy contain uses to evolve, companies must decide where they wish to fit in, on the larger scale of things. Choosing either to serve a global market such as auto maker Volkswagen or staying closer to home like the Texas based long haul truck manufacturer Petering. It can easily be said that has a much more diverse work force than the North American anchored Petering, (VOW). VOW operates manufacturing plants and dealerships around the world, where Petering has chosen to limit its main enterprise to the North American continent, (Petering).

This can be an advantage depending on the company’s goals, Petering doesn’t have to worry so much about translating things form one language to another, respecting the religious holidays of another country, or a huge time difference when scheduling company-wide conference calls. Additionally, they can manufacture their wares using one system of measurement, choosing to use either the metric system or American standard. Any mechanic will tell you there is a mixture of fastening devices on most cars manufactured today, making them more difficult and costly to repair.

The Key Concepts We Should Understand What is most important to take away from this article is the understanding that it really IS necessary to have an HER department, and use them to their fullest extent. Harms are responsible for an overabundance of issues ranging from complying with employee legal issues to interviewing potential recruits and advertising available positions. Maintaining a workplace “team” atmosphere, while encouraging individual achievement is a tricky line to follow, and difficult at best.

The HARM of the future has his/her hands full. Conclusion Human Relations Managers in the 21st century face a constantly changing environment, an environment where leaders taking an active role in the success, (or failure), of a company are required, not just HER workers punching the time clock. The role of the HARM is an active one, a role requiring proactive behavior, not reactive. No longer can the HER department be the first ones UT the door on Friday; leadership by example is a must, and respect is earned in most cases, not freely given.

Although an interesting article to read, I found the author repeating himself on more than one occasion thereby causing my interest to fade. Numerous spelling, punctuation and grammatical errors also take away from the intent of the article, making me wonder if the author really knows what he’s talking about, or even took the time to proofread his product in the first place. Technology can be a dangerous thing; a brilliant man writing an article on his ell-phone can easily look like a fool if he’s not careful.