Written around well-being, who has strong ties with

Response 2 – Identifying Hindu deities

notable for being a forefront Hindu deity that has the facial
characteristics of an elephant. Shiva’s
first son, is considered to be the “Remover of Obstacles”.

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maintains order and harmony in the universe. In regards to the
universe, and its perceived cyclical cycle among the Hindu faith,
Brahma is the beginning, Vishnu is the middle / here – and –
now, and Shiva is the end, before the cycle begins anew. Vishnu
and Shiva can appear to be similar, but Vishnu wears a crown of
sorts, and Shiva has his signature trident.

goddess of all around well-being, who has strong ties with Vishnu.
Upon my online research, I came to the conclusion that this is
her based on an almost identical photo to the one provided.

known as the teacher of the Bhagavad Gita and is a reincarnation
of Vishnu. Recognizable by being a major Hindu deity that takes
the form of a child, while holding a flute.

wife of Brahma the Creator and known as the goddess of learning,
wisdom, speech, and music. Hindus believe that she grants favor to
those who pray to her before taking on intellectual endeavors. I
reached the same conclusion identifying Saraswati as I did

destroyer of the universe to maintain the rebirth cycle of the
universe. Because of Shiva’s destructive power, Many Hindus pray
to him to keep negative influences away, unless those influences
want to tangle with the guy who can wipe out the universe.

decided to look into the origin of Shiva, because of the sheer amount
of respect for him. Legend has it that
one day Brahma (the creator of the universe) and Vishnu (the
maintainer of the universe) were arguing about who the boss is, until
they were interupted by the sudden appearance of a fiery pillar. When
Vishnu and Brahma went to investigate this spectacle, Shiva came out
of the pillar. After realizing Shiva’s power, Brahma and Vishnu
accepted Shiva as their (relative) equal, and ended the debate. I
belive the message between the lines is that when it comes to the
creation of life and events therein, one is no more or less important
than the other because all life is eventually destined to end. This
doesn’t make life unimportant, but rather it reminds those that they
have a limited amount of time to make a positive impact for
themselves and the world around them.