Xania Brainstorm Pitbull

Pit Bulls should not be banned. Over the past years in the United States, Pit Bulls have been portrayed as a breed who is extremely dangerous and untrustworthy that some States are banning ownership of this breed. This breed should not be banned simply because of unfortunate events. It is not until recently that the negative images these dogs are facing by the media darted.

One may hear or read headlines in the news stating “Child mauled by a Pit Bull,” or “Owner killed by a Pit Bull,” yet the media does not disclose that certain dogs upbringing and/or the owners knowledge of raising this specific breed play a tremendous role with the pets’ actions. People fail to understand that Pit Bulls are dogs, animals. There will be times when their judgments are clouded by their instincts. More often than not, those reactions reflect their owners’ ways of raising the dogs and their knowledge of he responsibility that comes with it.

Pit Bulls are very powerful dogs. Even though they are originally bred for bull and bear baiting, even dog fighting, it does not mean they are not loving or dangerous. There are numerous cases of severe dog bites caused by breeds known for their friendly demeanor such as Labrador, SST. Bernard, or even a Chow Chow, yet the media choose not to expose these dogs’ mishaps as much as they do with Pit Bulls. Any dog can impose injury or any person or another dog. Pit Bulls also played a big part in American History.

They were known as a family pet trusted with children by the settlers. In England, they are even called a “Nanny dog’ because of their nurturing behavior towards children. The first canine war hero was a Pit Bull. Two of Aqua’s presidents owned Pit Bulls. They can be just as loving and as dangerous as all the other dogs. Pit Bulls are not weapons, they are dogs who require responsible ownership to be the best breed of dog they are meant to be.