Your classroom is Eco!

In nature, when you are on a cliff and scream your lungs name, receive the echo reply is an amazing experience. In fact, you can hardly resist scream all you happen to hear the distant and repetitive response of your own voice.

But if the same thing happens in the classroom of a school, the effect is just the opposite, it is a symptom of poor educational practice. When a teacher speaks and all you hear are your own words, with the voice of his students, it is a disappointing experience.

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When a “student / echo” merely repeats the words, ideas and experiences of others … we are doing something wrong! When a student receives lessons and only asked to be able to recite, we are failing in our duty as educators. In our classrooms, the only thing is you should recite poetry. Lessons not given, learning needs to be experienced, accurate experimentation, analysis, collaboration, creativity …

Like the echo sound is fading gradually, so is learning the “student / echo”. Over time, what they have memorized without any compression or significance, is being forgotten entirely cleared up without leaving the slightest trace.

Such learning that Mary Did called “bulimic”, is the most obvious symptom of an outdated and ineffective school, for not fulfilling its main function it is to train people with critical spirit that can actively participate in the improvement of our society . Ask students to memorize and evaluate them based on their ability to remember and pass on what they have been told, it is a clear example of how far is the school of today.

We must stop form “students / echo” to begin forming “students” (no label) that are able to find different solutions to problems that can adapt to new situations, they can work collaboratively to create content. In short, our work is to give these students the tools, skills and abilities to learn throughout their lives.